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Arawa - Bed and Breakfast Guesthouse in Surrey

Arawa - B&B - Bed and Breakfast in Oxted, cheap hotels Surrey -front of house

Arawa - B&B - Bed and Breakfast in Oxted, cheap hotels Surrey - rear of house

Helen and David Gibbs

We are very easy-going and try to meet our guests' requirements, so we have no strict check-in or check-out or breakfast times. Just tell us what you would like and we will do our best to accommodate you. When you arrive you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee to recover from your journey, maybe in the garden if the weather allows (one thing we cannot do is to guarantee the weather!).

We are not a hotel; if you stay with us you are staying in our family home. Some people like the grander and more impersonal nature of a hotel, but many prefer the cosier environment of a family home. We have had many guests who have been happy with us and have enjoyed their experience, sometimes staying for a week and sometimes returning many times.

We look after our guests.


We have 2 rooms: one twin, with private bathroom, and one double (or family) room with en-suite bathroom.


Yes, our Surrey Guest House has off-street parking.


We are often asked what “Arawa” means. Some have said it means “Welcome” in Maori, and other have said it is the name of the canoe in which one of the Maori tribes first arrived in New Zealand, and indeed the name of one of the Maori tribes.

Whatever the meaning, you are assured of a warm welcome and a comfortable stay in Arawa. We look after our guests!

Pets Welcome

We are pet-friendly! - Happy with pets (by arrangement), so please ask if you can bring your animal friends. We have had dogs, an African princess with her cat, hamsters … but, as yet, no crocodiles or boa constrictors or anything like that (that we know about).

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