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About Us

Arawa - B&B - Bed and Breakfast in Oxted, Cheap Hotels Surrey - Garden in Spring

Solar pv panels air ssource heat pump solar heating


We look after our guests

We have travelled a bit and have lived abroad and particularly enjoy having guests from abroad. We can manage “ein bisschen Deutsch”, “un petit peu de Francais” and are fluent in Dutch (which is really useful, because most Dutch people speak good English, though we have had Dutch visitors who did not and were greatly relieved to be able to chatter away in their native tongue!).

We try to be as “green” as we can.

We have solar hot water heating backed up by the most efficient central heating boiler available (a Kidd boiler) and in fine and warm weather we can often switch off the boiler altogether.

We also generate electricity by means of PV panels and we have an air-source heat pump to make us somewhat less dependent on gas. Our heat pump is by Husky (

It is about 400% efficient at 7 degrees C and 300% at -3 degrees. Heat out of cold!

Helen and David Gibbs

We have a “Green Cone” and other composters to digest all food waste and we recycle everything we can. If our local council were to recycle all plastic we would probably need a rubbish collection only once a month or even less often.

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